Bees ventilate a beehive. Working as wings they remove moisture and heated air from a beehive. Lined up them one-way. It is the analogue of air pump.

Bee and wasp removal

In a wall, in a tree, in the eave of a roof, honeybees often look for new homes and can pick yours! Aside from the inconvenience and discomfort of sharing your home with a swarming insect, honeybees and other swarming insects can cause serious damage to your house, inside and out. Bees should only be treated by a licensed professional. It is not recommended for a homeowner to attempt to treat any hive or swarm.  Africanized bees are very easily agitated.  They can be aggravated by loud noises such as lawn mowers and they fiercely defend their hives and attack very aggressively. The honey bee is not as aggressive but only an expert can distinguish a honey bee from an Africanized bee.

  •  Bumble Bee: Aggressive only when threatened, the bumble bee prefers to nest in loose, fluffy materials and occasionally underground.
  • Carpenter Bee: These oval-shaped bees burrow into surface leaving perfect three-eights inch holes. They are solitary, and rarely damage structural beams. However, individual nests can multiply, eventually destroying the surrounding surface wood.
  • Honey Bee: While honey bees are not aggressive and highly beneficial, their nests are heavy and produce thousands of workers. They are the only species where relocation from your home is the preferred method.
  • Ground Bee: This smaller species of yellow jacket builds nests between two inches and two feet underground, usually in abandoned burrows. They are easily agitated and fairly aggressive.
  • Hornet: This aggressive species builds external paper nests that are shaped like an inverted teardrop.
  • Yellow Jacket: These black and yellow-striped insects build nests similar to hornets. However, they also build nests in walls and can slowly chew through drywall or surface wood for materials.
  • Wasp: Long and thin, a wasp’s legs hang when in flight. They frequently colonize attics and cars, and have a painful sting.

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