Bird control

Feral pigeons are the number one urban pest bird. These birds can reproduce up to SIX times per year, creating a mess and causing damage where they roost, thus creating a need for pigeon control. Due to the fact that pigeons are descendants of domesticated European homing pigeons, they feel at ease making their homes in and on man-made structures. Pigeon control is important due to the damage and diseases these birds often create. The uric acid in pigeon feces is highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage to metals, woods, and other substrates it sits on for long periods of time. The accumulation of droppings in some of these species in particular are unsightly, effecting the image of the building, causing damage to products, eating away at concrete or brick surfaces, metals and painted surfaces and can be a safety and health liability or slip and fall hazard to you and your family. Debris from flocks of problem pigeons often build up, backing up gutters and drains which can cause flooding and roof damage.

Other nuisance birds

Though many common birds provide benefits such as down feather production, insect and weed population control and the sport of watching and feeding, many problems may arise when birds associate too closely with people.  Common bird problems range from general nuisance and building defacement to food contamination and disease transmission.

All birds are protected by federal law except the common pigeon, the European starling, and the house sparrow.  Some local or state governments may protect all birds and the methods of bird control allowed.
  • Common European Starlings – They will nest during the spring and summer in void areas where they build large nests. In the winter they leave their nests and assemble as large flocks and move together to feed on seeds and grains. They roost overnight as a flock and move into parks, malls, and trees that will accommodate the entire flock for the night.

  • English House Sparrows – They will nest in the spring and summer by stuffing their nesting material into small nooks and gaps in siding, signs, awnings and anything the right size to support their nesting material. As a result of all this activity, significant accumulations of nesting material, droppings and debris can be found in these locations.

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