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    Home Pest Control

    Looking for the best pest control company in Houston, Texas? Well you have found it! Let Bug Busters USA take care of all your pest control needs. From preventative pest control to emergency pest control, we have the expertise to make it so you will no longer be bugged by pests. Our highly trained technicians attack pests from all angles, taking advantage of the industry’s best practices to kill and deter pests.

    You can rest assured that Bug Busters USA will only send professionally trained and licensed home and commercial pest control experts to your location.

    Termite Control Services

    Our home termite treatment is the most comprehensive method used in the industry. We combine subterranean termite treatment with drywood termite treatment to safeguard your home. You can’t claim to offer the best termite treatment service if you are only treating termites in a very superficial way. Never settle, contact Bug Busters USA today. We are also a leading termite inspection company for prospective home buyers and homeowners who suspect there may be a termite infestation.

    Rat Control Services

    Bug Busters USA has expanded its services to include mice control services for our Houston and Spring, TX customers. More than just a rat exterminator; the specialist sent to your home or business will possess the latest in rodent control technology and the cutting edge training to most effectively use it. Rodents are a known carrier for many diseases, even lethal ones. Do not delay in seeking a rat exterminator, and only choose the very best. No rodent infestation is too tough for Bug Busters USA! Contact us today and we will show you why we are quickly becoming the preferred rodent removal company in Texas.

    Bed Bug Exterminator

    No one should have to endure bed bugs! More than a mere pest; bed bugs are a threat to the health and well-being of your entire family. You should contact us today to get started with the best treatment for bed bugs available in Houston. Bed bug removal is a complex process requiring lots of specialized equipment and expertise. A thorough bed bug inspection and bed bug infestation treatment program should be implemented whenever there is an instance of bed bugs. These insects are extremely stubborn, so home remedies will not do. Have Bug Busters USA be your local bed bug exterminator as soon as possible!

    Bee Removal Service

    Outside your home, bees are a source of so many things we all enjoy. Not only do they make all our honey, they assist farmers in the agricultural process as well. However, inside and around our homes, bees are dangerous. If you ever see a bee hive or have reason to believe one is hidden somewhere within your home, seek a bee removal service immediately! Bug Busters USA can provide both scheduled beehive removal services and emergency bee removal. Relief from aggressive bees is something all home owners and property managers should know how to acquire quickly. Thankfully, you have Bug Busters USA as your local bee removal service. Along with bees, we also provide wasp removal service.

    Flea Exterminator

    Fleas attack your pets both inside and outside the home. That is why it is important to choose a flea exterminator who provides comprehensive flea control services. Flea treatment for home should also include flea treatment in the yard since pets will spend lots of time there. You don’t want to go through the trouble of exterminating fleas inside the home only to have your dog go outside, become re-infested, and then bring them back inside the home where you end up with fleas in carpet and other hiding spaces. Contact Bug Busters USA now to learn more about flea treatment for home.

    Scorpion Pest Control

    Scorpion extermination is an absolute necessity if you ever notice these hostile little creatures in or around your home. If you see them outside, it is only a matter of time before scorpions start coming inside. For most healthy people, a sting from a common American scorpion is not too serious, but for small children or the elderly, a sting can lead to some serious complications. The southwestern United States is home to the most scorpions and the most poisonous ones. Scorpions spend most of their time hiding in small, tight places making the likelihood of you accidentally putting your hand too close more probable. Call Bug Busters USA for total scorpion removal.

    Home Mosquito Control

    Eradicating mosquitos is the single most important pest control service available. Throughout history, mosquitos are unmatched when it comes to spreading diseases to humans. Even today with the Zika virus and West Nile virus, Americans are not safe from the trouble mosquitos carry with them. Every community needs access to mosquito control companies that are equipped to exterminate the mosquito population. They always take advantage of standing water, no matter how small. From uncared for swimming pools to even a dog’s water dish, mosquitos will find a way to take root in a neighborhood. If you are in need of mosquito control services, contact Bug Busters USA now.

    Cockroach Exterminator

    There is no home pest more hated than the roach. Cockroach removal is in high demand but not every cockroach exterminator can get the job done thoroughly.  Bug Busters USA is your Houston, TX cockroach removal expert! We address all facets of a roach infestation, which is why we are the best exterminator for roaches. We can identify and eliminate the access points in the home that roaches are using to invade. Cockroaches are a source for illness, both due to the germs they can carry and for the waste product they produce. Roach droppings, cast off exoskeletons, and carcasses can become airborne and cause allergic reactions and asthma problems.

    Pigeon Pest Control

    Pigeons in and around buildings can be quite a nuisance and a source for damage to property. It does not take long for pigeon droppings to completely take over a space, creating a gross and unsightly environment. Let Bug Busters USA utilize all of our pigeon deterrents and removal technology to rid you of these pests. You will be amazed at what our bird control service can accomplish. Even the most stubborn of bird problems is no match for our expert bird removal services.

    Spider Pest Control

    Spiders strike the most fear in the hearts of Houston residents and for good reason. Poisonous spiders are a threat to everyone in the household. The spider exterminator from Bug Busters USA will make your home safe again by attacking not only the spiders, but the source of food for the spiders as well. Contact Bug Busters USA for the best spider pest control service.

    Cricket Exterminator

    People may not think of crickets as a threat, but they can do damage to clothing and other belongings. Also, cricket noise from a large colony can make peaceful sleep nearly impossible. Exterminating crickets is what we do, so contact us now to take care of that cricket problem!

    Home Seal Services

    Seal out scorpions by having Bug Busters USA provide our top quality home seal services at your home. Most homeowners have homes with entry points that bugs and other pests are exploiting while the homeowner is clueless about it. Scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, and rats can all endanger the occupants of the home when those gaps in the construction of the home are not addressed. When sealing holes in house, the home seal service provider should not only be adept at discovering the hard to find spots, they should also be well trained at using home seal materials and tools to do it right. Contact Bug Busters USA for the best method for sealing the house from bugs available in Houston, Texas today!

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    Our customers are saying:

    BugBuster was the only pest control company that was able to completely eliminate the scorpion problem I had in my home. I am so thankful that I don’t have to live in fear anymore; I haven’t seen a scorpion in over 9 months!
    Kelly Chandler, Phoenix, AZ
    I got many estimates from different pest control companies when I discovered potential termite damage in my home. BugBuster had the most fair price, and they did very thorough work. They are experts in identifying and controlling a termite infestation. The damage to my home was minimal thanks to BugBuster’s excellent service.
    James Ellis, San Diego, CA
    Finding out that you have bed bugs is a terrible feeling, but the people at BugBuster made me feel at ease with their knowledgeable technicians. They answered many questions for me over the phone before I even scheduled my service, which was very helpful. I’m sleeping easier these days thanks to them.
    Barbara Jackson, Denver, CO

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